• Each team name needs to be different
  • Teams must have at least 5 members and a maximum of 10
  • The first 5 team members across the finish line score points towards team scoring
  • The top 3 teams per race distance on race day will win a special team competition medal
  • No limit to the number of teams that can enter as long as each team name is different


Similar to Cross Country team scoring: The first 5 team members across the line will score points towards the overall team score.
The 3 teams with the lowest overall team score will be the podium finishers on race day. We will award the top 3 teams per race distance on race day.

Yes: all team members of the top 3 teams will receive a special team competition medal.

NO: As long as you create a unique team name for a maximum of 10 members you can register as many 10 person teams as you want.
Example, myclubname-1, myclubname-2, myclubname-3, etc.

YES: the system should allow you to add yourself to a team as long as it does not have 10 members already.

YES: if you are a podium finisher in your age group and part of a podium finish team, then this is your lucky day because you are going home with lots of cool bling!

YES: there is a team completion for each race distance so all team members wanting to compete for the special team completion medals must run the same race distance on race day. So if you have a large running club you could have a Half marathon team, 5k team and a 10k team that would all be eligible to win a team completion medal..